Credit Crunch Busting Cuteness from Eyeko


Somewhere between the Leaving Cert. and the end of college, I developed a major grá for cosmetics made by a crowd called Eyeko. The packaging featured the eponymous Eyeko, a cute, manga-esque cartoonish chick with an excellent line in pink hair-dos, and actually I still have and use a pot of "Eyeko's Powder"! That's a super finely milled loose golden shimmer powder which smells absolutely delicious, sweet enough to eat, and is looking like it'll last forever despite being liberally dusted on dry or mixed with body lotion to give an all-over iridescent glow.


Previously on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, the only way to procure Eyeko products was to trek up to Urban Outfitters in Temple Bar, but nowadays with the wonders of De Moderin Interweb and whatnot you can get your manga make-up fix from the comfort of your couch direct from the Eyeko website. One of the bits on there that has caught my eye is a budget-friendly version of the Trish McEvoy Finish Line that xgirl recently posted about, an eyeshadow-to-liquid-liner transforming fluid for only £5. In fact, nothing on the site costs more than five of the Queen's finest pounds and with free international shipping on all orders and the still favourable exchange rate, this is credit crunch cosmetic shopping at its cutest.

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