Diamancel are Forever

diamancelShirley Bassey didn't sing 'Diamancel are Forever', but she may as well have, because dear reader, if you did shell out the requisite for one of their foot rasps, it would be my guess that you'd never afford to replace it again.

You might not need to - as far as I know Diamancel products contain tiny little chips of diamond, which is what makes them so expensive (the one on the left there is €60.50) and also so effective.

We know diamonds are tough buggers and would cut through anything - and to most women that's a huge relief, especially after a winter of towering heels wreaking foot related havoc. Corns, hard skin, cracked heels - all these and more are my nightly bedfellows.


The foot rasps come in two varieties, medium and extra strength and you can also buy a callus rasp for €44.75 and some much needed footcream for €38.75. All are available on HQhair.

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