DIY Halloween: Quick 'n' Easy Bullet Wound Tutorial

Pumpkins, blood, gore and sexy kittens, yes it’s that time of year again! With Halloween just around the corner our thoughts here at Beaut towers have been turning to what we can dress up as. I have to admit, I’m pretty good when it comes to ideas for costumes but my problem is with follow through, a fact that really erks my boyfriend. He is someone who goes to great lengths to ensure a showstopper of a look each Halloween, no matter if we’re going to a friend’s party or a proper, big event. Every year he asks me what I’m going to dress up as and I give him a range of ideas, none of which become a reality.

In my defense, this is not due to laziness – I just always end up working, usually late around Halloween which means I have to find a look that has a fast turn around. Last year I took inspiration from Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreation going as Rosie the Riveter, which was fun. If I want to make an impact though, quick and easy bullet wounds accompanied by dark as night smokey eyes works a treat for a zombie-eque, risen from the dead kinda look.

Here’s my quick, DIY, no fancy make-up artist supplies needed version of a bullet wound – I’ve adapted it so you can pretty much do it on the fly if you’re stuck for some kind of look this Halloween:

bullet 1 Collage

What you’ll need:

  • Eyelash Glue
  • Tissue paper
  • Black Gel eyeliner
  • Red lipstick
  • ½ teaspoon ground coffee
  • Fake Blood

bullet 2 Collage

How to do it:

  1. Tear the tissue into thin, small pieces
  2. Apply a little circle of eyelash glue to skin
  3. Layer on the tissue to create a raised edge. It doesn’t have to be perfect, because you’ll be covering it later anyway.
  4. Buff red lipstick over the circle and surrounding around of skin so it looks angry
  5. Use the black gel liner to give depth to the wound by lightly colouring in the center of the wound.
  6. Add the blood, I like to do this using a cotton bud so I have a bit more control and can create a “dribble” effect.
  7. Sprinkle the coffee over the center of the wound for a gritty effect.

Bullet 3 Collage

So there you have it, an easy, DIY bullet wound!

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