We had a DMK Enzyme Therapy facial and the results were amazing

This DMK Enzyme Therapy Facial exercises the facial muscles to leave your skin feeling firmer and plumped.

If you have never heard of the DMK Enzyme Therapy facial (Danné Montague King) before, it's time to get involved; it is like no other I have ever tried, and I would definitely have one again. In short, it is a basic introductory treatment to promote and maintain healthy skin; the aim is to restore your skin to its peak condition.

DMK is the only company in the world that use 'transfer message enzymes'. Enzymes are living substances within the body that regulate health and work with minerals within the body to form natural antioxidants and fight free radicals which attack our skin. The enzyme therapy encourages collagen and elastin formation in your skin, vital to keeping your skin plump and line-free.

I think it's best to go into this facial knowing what to expect. The facial begins with a deep cleanse followed by a gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and allow the hydrolyzing mask to penetrate the skin and increase oxygenation. The mask is painted on with a brush. It's a lovely feeling when it's being applied, but you need to be prepared for what happens next. The mask hardens on your skin and becomes like a crust. You will feel a pulsing sensation in your skin underneath. This sensation is caused by the blood being drawn to the surface of the skin and means that it is working. The tingling and pulsing sensations are intense to start, but it gets much more comfortable after a few minutes. Your skin will be quite red after but this redness is good I was told, and the redder you are, the better the treatment has worked.

  • DMK Enzyme Therapy Facial

Here you can see what the mask looks like when it dries and hardens on your skin. It becomes so stiff that I could barely move my mouth so prepare yourself in advance for the sensation.


DMK Enzyme therapy hydrolyzing mask

My face was a little red and puffy around the eyes after the treatment but I could see the effects of it for weeks. My skin was plump, and lines around my mouth, eyes and forehead appeared reduced.

The DMK treatments are ideal for anybody considering more invasive treatments like Botox, fillers or even facelifts. You could have a few treatments before to prepare your skin and get it into prime condition before your procedure. You would then continue a course of facials afterwards to upkeep the effects of your procedure. 

I will absolutely be having another treatment. If you're interested, here is a list of DMK clinics where you can have the treatments done in Ireland.

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