Dr Hauschka Lemon Body Moisturiser

dr hauschka

MmmMmmmm, anything citrus for body is good news as far as I'm concerned - fruity, zesty, ace for waking you up in the morning - oh, and moisturising while it's at it? That's ace x 2, according to me.

So given all that, it's a dead cert I'm going to like Dr Hauschka Lemon Body Moisturiser. Lets recap - fruity, hydrating - yup. All good. And what's better is that like all Dr H products, this one contains only natural and biodynamically cultivated ingredients, it's non toxic, ecologically friendly and sold using only fair and ethical trading practices.


And the price of such a wonder? €21.70 from health stores and pharmacies nationwide and from Clerys new mind and body section.

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