Dr. Hauschka Neem Nail Oil Review - takes nails from yuck to wow

I got a terrible fright on removing the nail polish from my toes one day a few months back. My quickie home pedicure had miraculously lasted a few weeks (probably something to do with the fact that "summer" was a washout and my toes were only seeing the light of day at my weekly yoga class), but as I removed the colour from each toenail, I discovered a series of strange soft white patches across them.

I immediately jumped to the horrifying conclusion (no doubt thanks to that awful tv ad - you know the one) that I'd picked up some awful toenail fungus. A slightly closer inspection and a bit of googling later, however, and I was more reassured to have determined that my nails were simply suffering the extremely drying effects of first having been coated in polish for weeks and then being stripped with harsh nail polish remover.

Of course this then became the perfect opportunity for me to fill a gap in my beauty wardrobe and seek out the right nail care product to solve the problem. I'd already been curious about it, so when I spotted Dr Hauschka Neem Nail Oil on the shelf while browsing in a health store I knew it was exactly what I needed.

Now I'm going to say upfront that the €31 pricetag did cause me to stop and consider whether I had temporarily taken leave of my senses. With the various other oils and lotions I already had at home, surely one of them could have done the trick. But I also knew the small bottle would last forever with the tiny amount I'd need to use each time, so I figured as long as it actually worked well I'd be happy.

And thankfully, happy I was - and still am months later, which is always the real test. One drop from this little bottle is more than enough to cover all my toenails and my fingernails too (I don't have problems with my fingernails, but applying the Neem nail oil still makes them look buffed and healthier than usual). Application twice daily is recommended, but I've found it sufficient to apply it only once, after showering - I apply it right after coming out of the shower and leave the excess to absorb while I moisturize, massaging any remaining residue in before I dress.




Right away my nails look healthier - any dry white patches disappear and the overall appearance is improved - you'd almost think I'd just had a great pedicure. And I don't find I need to use it constantly - when I remove nail polish I give my nails a break for a while before polishing again and it only takes a few days using the Neem nail oil for them to look brand new again.

While the price of this may put you off buying it, it could make the perfect gift for the nail addict in your life. I particularly like the idea of combining it with the famous Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover and the polish of your choice (Chanel Malice if you're going all out) to create a lovely hand-picked hamper of nail goodies.

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