Dr Jackson's New Natural Skin Cream and Oil: Did We Just Die and go to Skincare Heaven?

Time for a little luxury, ladies. Eco-luxe to be precise.

While we love nothing more than a great budget buy here at Beaut.ie, there comes a time in your life when you damn well deserve to splash out on a tub of fancy face cream. Or better still, have it bought FOR you (hint, hint, everyone who loves me).

See, as soon as I popped Dr Jackson's cream and face oil on, I feel almost instantly transported to some out-of-this-world spa; the stuff smells UNREAL. First up, let's talk about the 01 Skin Cream, packed full of enriching goodies that your skin will just love you for.

Within this almost edible day cream (but please, don't eat it, you will regret it) you will find:

  • Kigelia Fruit Extract
  • Baobab Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Marula Seed Oil

It feels amazing on the skin - not too thick, not too oily. And did I mention how good it smells? I'd almost try to eat myself at this rate. If you struggle with blemished skin, though, this may not be for you, the shea butter may add to break outs. But if it's an even skin tone and a brightening moisturiser, WITH a sun protection factor of SPF20, that you're after, then this such a treat.

50 ml will set you back €94 while the 30ml tub will cost €48.


Next up it's their night cream, 02 Skin Cream.


Again, this one contains baobab oil and kigelia fruit extract, but introduces frankincense and mango seed extract to the mix. Such a mix of natural ingredients promises to soothe the skin, while the boswellic acids in the frankincense are said to contain lots of lovely healing properties.

My skin is slightly dry around the nose area at the moment, and this feels like the perfect antidote as I smooth it on. It's slightly thicker than the day cream but at night you want a little more cream action so you wake up the following day with perfectly hydrated skin. Again, I'd like to nibble this stuff from the tub if I could.

And it retails for the same price as the day cream.


And now it's on to the most luxurious face oil I've tried in an age, simply known as 03 Face Oil.

If you suffer from dry or damaged skin, this will feel all sorts of wonderful. It's not a bit greasy but leaves your skin with a smooth, evenly toned glow. Contained within this oil you'll find more of that amazing baobab oil which not only solves your thirsty skin woes but also improves tone and elasticity. You'll also find marula oil to moisturise the skin, as well as calendula (which refreshes the skin at the same time as calming down inflammation), and lastly, arnica which we all know for its healing properties.

50 ml of the Face Oil will cost €67 or you can opt for a 25 ml bottle at €36, and the range is sold exclusively in Clerys.

If you're after a natural, nourishing skincare gift for a loved one or just to treat yourself then Dr Jackson's new additions to his natural product range are well worth a look. It's the bees knees and you will smell like royalty.


Have you tried out this range? Do you think the product is worth the price tag? And if you the had cash to splurge, which skincare would you choose?

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