Can you spot the difference between the MAC classic lipstick and its €9.25 dupe?

Have you been searching for the perfect red lipstick? Dita Von Teese is the woman to ask and this is a dupe for her very favourite one.

Lady Danger is a gorgeous orange-red lipstick by MAC. It suits just about everyone. It makes your teeth look white and it lasts for hours and hours. Dita Von Teese's signature look is Hollywood glamour. She always wears porcelain skin, a liner flick and a gorgeous, perfect red lip. If there's a woman I would trust to recommend a red lip it would be her! She has said in the past that Lady Danger is her go-to red lippie.

We have found the perfect dupe for it that costs only €9.25. It's Indie Flick by NYX and it ticks all the reliability boxes for a red lipstick. Red needs to stay in place. Nobody wants to look in the bathroom after an hour working a room only to realise your lipstick is everywhere. This one is a matte so you can trust it. I wore it out the other night, I didn't touch up once and it was still on me when I came home four hours later.



The top swatch is Lady Danger and the bottom is Indie Flick. What a match! I paired it with MAC Cherry lip pencil because it gives you a nice sharp edge and it goes with nearly every red lipstick out there.

What do you think of red lipstick, fabulous or fail?

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