Product of the Week: Elizabeth Arden's little tube that helps get rid of 'turkey neck'

'Turkey neck' is one of those sad facts of life that happen to us as we get older. Nobody wants a saggy neck, so we reckon it's best to combat this issue early.

The Ceramide Lift and Sculpting Gel is a new addition to the Elizabeth Arden Ceramide range. You use it to lift and sculpt your jawline, neck and your jowls - if you have them. If you can imagine what you think a face lift would do for your face, that's what this product is trying to do.

To apply the gel, you turn the top to the 'on' position and squeeze out some of the gel. Then you apply the gel to your neck and basically the whole lower part of your face from under the eyes. (As a rule, apply anti-ageing products in upward motions.) Next, use the roller to massage the product into your skin. Roll it from the base of your neck towards your chin and jawline. Then roll the product from the edges of your mouth towards your ears.

Elizabeth arden lift and firm ceramide turkey neck


Elizabeth Arden - 'Ceramide Lift And Firm' sculpting gel €79

When I applied the gel, I felt an instant tightening feeling on my skin, which I always enjoy. It made my neck feel 20-years-old again. It has a combination of ceramides, hyaluronic acid and acetyl tripeptide which is a protein the skin needs for collagen and elastin production. I love the instant lifting sensation and over time the ingredients tighten and firm the skin. But because of its hefty price tag, I would use this like a lifting treatment twice a week. I won't go as far as to say it's a facelift in a bottle, but it certainly helps to defy the effects of gravity on your face.

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