Estee Lauder Ultra Violet nail polish: fit for the Factory

One of the Warhol groupies called herself Ultra Violet and I remember she had an all white bedroom with a Lichtenstein over the bed. Teenage me wanted too be her so much - I was slightly obsessed with Warhol and his Factory and the girls called Polly Ester and the like. Never mind that Ultra was actually a posh French bit (and ex of Salvador Dali) and no one knew quite why she was hanging around the tin foil-clad Factory.

Still, great name and so I am always predisposed to love anything called Ultra Violet. Part of the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess range there are two Ultra Violet goodies to choose from - the liquid eyeshadow that I've already told you about and this nail polish (€17).

Ahem, I admit that when I was on the Afternoon Show last week I mistakenly called this "purple glitter." Agh. Still hopefully I've cleared up the error now and I apologise to all the ladies on the EL counters who were totally bamboozled by people coming in and asking them for said Purple Glitter ...


Ultra Violet is a gorgeous rich purple, only made better by the silver glitter through it.

Totally yum, long lasting and still rocking the dark nails trend. This is one that I think even Warhol would have approved of.

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