What Exactly Is A Hair Mask Used For?

We've all heard of hair masks and know they're somehow good for our hair but what exactly are their benefits?


What is a hair mask? 

A hair mask is a deep-conditioning treatment designed to improve the health of your hair. Basically a face mask but for your hair.

They're also known as deep-conditioning treatments. What sets them apart from a normal conditioner is that they have a heavier concentration of nourishing ingredients and their consistency is typically thicker than a normal conditioner.

Like face masks, hair masks are also left on for a certain period of time. The time will vary depending on what mask is being used.

There are masks available for all types of hair and hair care issues, such as colour-treated hair, curly hair, dry hair and even oily hair.


What are the benefits


The benefits of hair masks will, of course, vary depending on what type of mask you're using but these are a few of the most common benefits.

  • Improve the strength of hair.
  • Help control frizz.
  • Provide extra hydration, which is important for curly and dry hair.
  • Make hair softer and shinier
  • Reduce hair breakage, it's important to note that a mask cannot fix split ends.
  • Help control dandruff.


You can either make your own homemade hair mask or buy one but it's important to follow the instructions provided (by the brand or recipe creator) no matter which option you choose.

You should only use a hair mask once a week as any more than that could cause product build up in your hair and scalp.

When buying a hair mask please ensure you're purchasing one that's suitable for your hair type.

For example, if you have oily/grease hair do not buy a hydrating mask as it will likely make your hair more oily.



Have you used a hair mask before?  

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