3 Eye-Wateringly Excellent Eye Palettes for Under €11

We like to save a few euros when we can because when it comes to the sum total of the make up products in your bathroom, well, it can all add up pretty quickly.

But there are some brilliant products out there that do what you need without needing a mortgage. Can you imagine that? A mortgage for your make up? Sometimes it sounds like a good idea....

I spend money on two things: foundations and make up brushes. Everything else I look at what I can get for less. So with some research, I've found some high quality make up products under €20, mainly eye shadow palettes. A half an hour in Boots really does pay off with finding the best palettes for less.

  • Bourjois Smoky Stories (€10.49)


Bourjois have always made great palettes that have long lasting tendencies and strong pigments.

For night time, and a dark eye, this palette is all you need. The quad has a good silvery highlighter colour to apply under the brow, and three shades to build up your eyes: silver, charcoal and a very dark grey for the corners.

If you want a dramatic effect this palette is very good value for money.

  • Seventeen Easy on the Eye (€10.99)


This palette comes in a range of colours but I tried "Birthday Suit" which has a wide selection of colours for daytime in particular What sold this for me is the number of shades in the palette; there are eight mattes, shimmer and pearl powders, three metallic creams and even an eye primer.

And if you travel a lot this is perfect because it has all you'll need. I should mention that these products need to be patted onto the eye to get a good build of colour but using this technique pays off. The shimmer colours are my favourite, with "Toasted Almond" and "Baked Chestnut" the heroes of the palette.

  • Sleek I-Divine Palette (€10.49)

Sleek eye shadow palette

One of my leading brands of the moment, Sleek has succeeded in bringing high quality make up for less. I've harped on about how great their Contour set is before and now I'll share my love for the eye shadows.


Out of the three I've tried this week, this one has the most versatility with what you can do with the products thanks to the balance of day and night colours. The pigments contain mica particles which help illuminate your eyes. And the mineral formula does add to its staying power. My pick of the palettes is "Au Natural"; this has a base of brown which is perfect for the classic smokey eye.

Have you got a favourite eye shadow palette that didn't cost you a limb? Share your bargains!

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