What is a facial brush and do I need one?

Facial 'tools' are becoming increasingly popular of late. Although they will never replace the professional facial they have their benefits for in between.

One thing to always bare in mind is that a tool is only as good as the knowledge of its user.

In simpler terms, remember your therapist in a salon has extensive training and knowledge of the skin and its limitations, how much pressure is just enough in each area etc.

Most of us do not have that kind of training or experience so always use a facial tool with care.

Truth us yes you need one. Used in the correct way a facial brush is extremely beneficial and gives a good and deep cleanse.

Here are some tips


Use only once a daily max. It can be too dehydrating if you use it any more than this.

Use only on a cleansed face. If you are using a facial brush remember to use it only on cleansed skin. You don't want to be pushing bits of old makeup or dirt into your pores.

If you do break out in spots or have some dry skin after you begin to use a facial brush, don't panic. This is totally normal and a good indication that it is doing its job. Stop using the brush until your breakout clears and then your good to go again.

Always remember to moisturise after using it.


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