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That auld Electric Picnic (or Lightbulb as Lynnie's mammy christened it) threw up (pun totally intended) a whole slew of on-the-sly beauty tips, from whores baths conducted solely through the means of babywipes, right up to Cathyfly's smart suggestion that you paint your nails in a dark shade - purely to hide the dirt n' burger residue, you understand.

But post-picnic, I got a mail from a reader, and she told me about a very spectacular cheat she came up with while at the evint itself. As she was scrabbling about the tent, mini-skirt in hand in preparation for readying herself for action, she realised she'd forgotten something. To shave her legs. "Legs gorilla-like", our gal reported, "and only going to get worse". Never mind water - she had no feckin' shaving foam. What to do?

"I had a rummage in my rucksack and found that I had a disposable razor in the bottom of my beauty travel-bag. Had another rummage and turned up some baby wipes", she revealed. This is where it all starts to get smart: "Hmmm", she thought, "they leave an oily trace on the skin. Maybe it'll be enough to smoothe the razor's progress".

Was it? Find out after the cut!


"Yes!", she exclaimed, "It was! I got a perfect leg and underarm shave with no water and no fuss, in the privacy of my own tent". "No bumps or redness either", she added, and confirmed that "the results were perfect. I didn't rinse my legs or moisturise them afterwards, and the razor I wiped down as I went along on the the used wipes".

I bow down before this lass. She truly is the Ray Mears of beauty, boldy going where no other woman dares to tread - or raze. Well done lady, and know that you have the admiration of all beaut.ie behind you.

The lowdown: The wipes were Johnson & Johnson Baby Wipes for sensitive skin. The razor was an aged Gillette disposable and even anything fancy-schmancy like a Venus. We're even more impressed now.

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