FIGHT FIGHT! Battle of the CC Creams: Lidl's Osiris Avisé CC Cream Versus Stila CC Cream. Review, Swatches, Pics

If you have an easily upset stomach, look away now. Because the walls are about to be spattered with CC Cream as these two fight viciously and to the death. Only the victor will leave alive. The fully squeezed tube of the loser will be left as an example to other upstart CC creams. Don't challenge the alpha.

That got a bit dark there for a second. The POINT is that we are pitting the most affordable CC offering out there against a tried and tested favourite to see who will reign SUPREME!

Let the bloodbath begin!

Enter the confident, comparatively expensive Stila CC Cream. Weighing in at 40 mils, it has a distinct weight advantage over the slightly weedier 35ml Lidl CC cream. However, key ingredients in the Lidl CC include pluck, moxy and Katie Taylor-grit*, so overall, the fight is pretty evenly matched.

Stila CC Cream (€39.80)

'Eep', I hear you say. The price of this is certainly a punch in the kisser. However, the consistency is delicious. Available in six colours (including shades for paler folks like me and the majority of the Irish population), it definitely has the advantage on the two-shade strong Lidl alternative. The consistency is thick - you can sheer out the CC Cream for an incredibly natural look. And equally, you can build it to create foundation-level coverage.

cc fight

Now, don't be alarmed when you see that the formula is green when squeezed from the tube. Tiny microcapsules of various pigments burst when you massage the formula into the skin, leaving a glowy satin finish and great coverage that does correct pigmentation issues. The shade I have swatched in the photo is medium 4. Putting it on my face in that shade would do this lovely product no favours. I must accept that I do not possess the chocolate skin of a Nubian Goddess. We've all seen what happens when people try to get it from a tube... T'won't work, I tell you!

Osiris Avisé (€2.99)


I recently gave the Lidl Osiris Avisé moisturisers a bit of a pummelling, so it is nice to be able to say some positive things about the brand's CC cream. It is very difficult to buy something genuinely beneficial to skin for under €3 (even basic essential oils -which are great - tend to cost more than that). But this is a CC cream - it's for colour correction, not skincare benefits, and considering the price, it does a pretty good job.

The product comes in two shades - Natural and Tanned. I've swatched Tanned for you here. As you can see, it's extremely pink. For this reason, it will be best suited to tackling blueness. If you have more obvious pigmentation issues like rosacea or broken capillaries, you'll need something heavier than this, with a wider range of pigments. However, for an everyday, natural coverage base that brightens the skin and helps with dark circles, this is a great buy.

There's one caveat - as you can see from the swatch photo, this CC is much less moisturising than the Stila version, so it might settle into drier or more mature skins. Oily and combination skins should get on well with it though.

Top: Stila CC Cream; Bottom: Lidl Osiris Avisé CC Cream Top: Stila CC Cream; Bottom: Lidl Osiris Avisé CC Cream

So yeah. We declare it a draw! These two CC creams offer something distinctly different. There's room for both in our Hall of Champions. We're just sorry that we waited till after they'd battered each other half to death before telling them...

If neither of these are your cup of tea, check out our top five CC creams here!

Have you tried either of these? Do you like them? Don't slip in the puddles of CC cream sliming up the ring as you rush to tell us in the comments!


* Not 'grit' grit. But... you know. Like, grit.

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