Instiut Esthederm's Vitality Body Scrub gets Lynnie excited

Let me preface this post by saying that I wouldn't usually get too excited about body scrubs: they scuff dead skin cells off places you only bare a couple of times a year. Not exactly the sexiest of products, are they?


Instiut Esthederm's Vitality Body Scrub might just be the product to change my mind. With its super-fine microparticles, this stuff is like microdermabrasion for the body, and left my skin feeling as soft and flake free as if I'd just spent days on end slathering on super rich moisturiser. And there's not a hint of scratching or irritation with this scrub, unlike some others I could mention with their ginormous lumps of abrasive skin-sloughing volcanic rock masquerading as exfoliating beads!

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