Liz Earle to the rescue... again!!!


As you may have gathered from all the whinging I've been doing about it in the last while, my skin is a right oul' disaster zone at the moment. Usually it's blackheads that are the bane of my life but for about the past 6 weeks I've had a crop of vicious spots on my chinny chin chin. Naturally, I've tried using every drying lotion and potion I could find, squeezing them to death, and waiting for them to go away of their own accord, but this has mostly just left me with a flaky red mess where my chin used to be.

So after reading Kirstie's post yesterday about Liz Earle's Spot-On treatment, I had a little root around in my own LE stash to see what I could see. None of Lizzie's magic rollerball stuff, sadly, but I did come across a tube of her Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask (£11.25 direct from the LE website). 20 minutes after whacking a faceful of the stuff on, my whole chin area looked an awful lot calmer and the icky flakes were nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile, the rest of my skin looked plumper and remarkably less tired.



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