The only four makeup brushes you need to create any eye look

Clients are always asking me what makeup brushes to use on particular areas of the face and which ones they need to invest in. Today, I've selected a few brushes that you can buy to achieve pretty much any eye makeup look easily.

I'm using Mac products for this post as I worked with the brand for years and the majority of the brushes in my kit are Mac. I really rate their brush collection, but there are loads of other more affordable brands if your budget won't stretch this far.

And I would possibly suggest buying these individually, instead of going for a set, as nine times out of ten, the sets will leave you with brushes you never use.

It's also vital to invest in a good brush cleaner. When you look after your brushes, they will last you a lifetime. I've my brushes for about eight years, and they are still going strong because I mind them.

  • #217 Blending Brush (€26)


This is one of my favourite brushes of all time. I have about five of them, most worn down from all the makeup and faces I have worked on over the years but all still usable.

Your blending brush is vital as it's the brush you use to create that seamless smoky effect. It is used in the socket line of your eye in a small circular motion, clockwise and anti-clockwise which, of course, we know is referred to as 'blending'.

It's also a lovely brush to use to buff in your under eye concealer and to clean up under the eye area.

  • #219 Pencil Brush (€28)


Your pencil brush is used for defining the crease, inner corner (tear duct) and under the eye detail. Again, it's an important brush to have for intricate detail in your eye makeup.

  • #239 Eye Shader Brush (€28)

239 eye shader

Your eye shader brush is for 'packing' on your shadow. You will get a much fuller coverage with a flat brush than you will with a fluffy one. It's used for applying your base and shadow onto the lid and under the brow bone.

  • #263 Small Angle Brush (€22)

263 small angle


Your angle brush is for shaping and filling in your brows and also for applying eye liner. It's great for a perfect wing liner effect, or for fine detail under the lower lash line/inside the water line, both upper and lower.

With these four brushes, you can pretty much create any eye makeup look you will ever need to do.

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