French Fancy: Bioderma is Hitting Irish Shores in June

If we weren't Irish we'd want to be French. Well, you know, we'd want to be the idea of that chic French lady, all effortlessly stylish, slim and beautiful. Like The Russian's ex-wife in Sex and the City (but sans the mean attitude.)

Without denouncing our nationality, the next best thing we can do to fully embrace our inner Juliette Binoche is to adopt the French woman's beauty routine. How else are we going to look cool and youthful and wise and wonderful? 

Some French brands are already firmly noted on our beauty radars; Nuxe and Avène products probably feature somewhere in your skincare regime already. Now, another French tour de force is ready to make waves in Ireland and we're giving you a sneak peek of what's in store!

Bioderma has been around for quite some time now; it launched in 1977. It's currently the third 'dermo cosmetic' brand in both the French and international market. So it's about time it's coming the short distance over to us!

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The original hero product from Bioderma is the Sensibio H2O - the world's very first micellar water! Sensibio H2O has been a cult beauty product for around 20 years - one bottle is sold every three seconds somewhere in the world - and French women and in-the-know makeup artists and models swear by it. 

The Sensibio H20 makes up part of the Sensibio line, which is geared towards sensitive skin. Bioderma are launching four ranges (including Sensibio) in Ireland to cater for our most common skin issues, all of which which contain products to cleanse, treat and maintain. Atoderm is aimed at dry, to very dry to atopic sensitive skin; Sébium caters for combination to oily and acne-prone skin; and Photoderm covers sun protection. 

The ethos of Bioderma is to work with and respect the skin, mimicking its natural makeup. The products contain minimal ingredients and the overall aim is to restore problem skin and to maintain your revived, healthy skin. 

Oh, and the best thing is, we thought these products would be way more expensive than they actually are. 

Standout Products

Each line contains a range of products that have been designed to work together to cleanse, treat and maintain but there's a sure fire hero product that stands out in all of them. 

  • Sensibio H20

bioderma pic


The original micellar water, this is your one stop makeup remover. We love that it comes in a dinky little travel size. So handy!

100 ml €5.50 250 ml €11.50, 500 ml €16 

  • Sébium Pore Refiner




sebium swatch


This, I'm very interested in. As some of you may know I have hee-uge pores and fine lines that I want BANISHED or at least disguised, so I'm hoping this might be just the thing. It feels super lightweight and silky and apparently is popularly used as a primer in France.

30ml €18.50


  • Atoderm Intensive





This product from the 'care' section of is aimed at very dry to atopic skin. Its goal is to calm itching and comfort irritated skin. 

75 ml €9 500 ml €19.50

  • Photoderm Bronz SPF 50



This is one product we can't wrap our heads around. It's a tan enhancer AND it's an SPF 50? How can that be?! It can be sprayed on the face, body and even hair and it can be used on wet skin. What the - ? We really, really want someone to go on a sun holiday and use this and report back because it sounds like an actual game-changer in sun care. 


200ml €22.00

Bioderma arrives on Irish shelves in June and it will be available in pharmacies nationwide. Has your interest been piqued? 

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