Friday Feelings: Are High End Products Really Worth The Moolah?

This week we had an incredible reaction to our lovely Laura and her Armani Crema Nuda review which will all agreed was brilliant but the price.

As a youngster I used to dream of being so rich pounds would be as irrelevant to me as pennies - sure I'll just throw a hundred of them in the poor box - but unless I win the lotto that's never gonna happen. It would only be in that case that I would consider spending that kind of money (175 frickin' euro!) on makeup.




Over the years, despite still being almost as cash-strapped as I was as a student, I have found my fingers loosing on the purse strings when it comes to skin care and makeup. I don't automatically go to Penneys for my makeup fix, for example, I will buy a mascara from Lancôme (guess which one) because I like it the very best. I can't stop myself from picking up a bottle of Estée Lauder Double Wear every couple of months either, because I just prefer it to everything else and I think it suits me. For those very tight months I will grab a Catrice mousse foundation even though the lightest shade is just a tad too dark for me.

Crème de la Mer is one of those skin care brands that you hear only fabulous reports about but I could not bring myself to buy a pot for myself. I got a little sample a while back and guarded it with my life!

Do you splash out on certain products? If you are on a budget would you put money aside for a specific item or do you downgrade? Or, does your makeup and skincare stash look like a counter from Brown Thomas?

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