Geisha facial: bird crap on your face - yummy!

Now you might or might not remember me telling you ages ago about the bird poo facial.

No, not the one where you're standing at the bus stop and an incontinent seagull flies overhead and craps all over you. That apparently is called "being lucky."

This is a facial where nightingale poo is smeared over you visage in order to impart softness and radiance to your skin. Nightingale crap is so selected because it's packed full of high concentrations of nitrogen-rich urea and guanine.

Ergo, in the way that manure imparts goodness to soil so too can bird crap infuse skin with goodness and minerals.


Urea (good for hydration etc) is commonly used in cosmetic preparations, as is guanine (it imparts a sheen), but there are other much more palatable ways of using these ingredients. However that doesn't deter proponents of this facial.

And to make matters worse because this whole idea and treatment originated in Japan the facial has been given the ladylike and glamourous name of Geisha Facial and is becoming more and more popular.

So what do you think? Load of shite, or something you'd like to try?

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