Give it lashes: Duo Lash Adhesive is the business


Stop press: I seem to have finally gotten the hang of putting on false eyelashes lately. Wohoo!

The only problem with this development is that it's now very feckin' obvious that the generic eyelash glue which came with my selection of cheapie lashes from CVS in New York and slightly more expensive ones from Boots et al. is, well, rubbish. Crazy, right? Frankly, I expect more for my four quid...

Anyways, the shortcomings of these glues were gently pointed out to me one night by Deni-o, when half of my fabulous fluttery right eyelash had sprung free of my lash line. Morto.


One hasty trip to Make Up Forever later, and a tube of hard core, heavy duty, waterproof, world's best eyelash glue was mine. As recommended by make-up maestros Boylan & Balfe, Duo Lash Adhesive goes on white, dries clear, and costs €16. Oh, and I can testify that it keeps false eyelashes firmly in place for hours and hours on end!

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