Golden Girls: Metallic Eye Liners from Illamasqua and Bourjois

gold liners

A couple of nice trends are emerging as I go through my bags 'o samples and one that's particularly glitzy - and hey, I like a bit of glitz - is that of gold liner for AW10.

Handily, both Bourjois and Illamasqua have approached it from completely different ends of the spectrum so all bases are covered. Those in search of a subtle metallic liner should look no further than Bourjois and the brand's Liner Pinceau in Or Neo-classique, €8.99. I'd describe this as a pearlised white gold and it's very pretty altogether.

Illamasqua, on the other hand, go for bling-broke with Precision Ink in Alchemy, €19. Now, this is gold.


liquid liner swatch

Have a gander at Or Neo-classique on your left and Alchemy on your right - the latter is glitter-soaked and really bright, brassy gold. You'll like one or the other, I reckon - not much middle ground here.

As for tips, try as I might I could not get a decent shot. The Bourjois liner features a long, thin brush and the Illamasqua one has a marker pen-style tip, for reference.

Look for Bourjois now; Illamasqua's Art of Darkness collection launches on September 16th.

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