Good Vibrations: L'Oreal Paris Launch Collagen Micro Vibration Eye

micro vibration eye

Lynnie said this morning that she's a tad fond of cooling and soothing roller ball-style eye treatments, so when the news about this little baby dropped into my inbox, I decided to bump my post on Chanel's forthcoming Ombre Contraste duo eyeshadows (fear not! It'll be up in the morning) in favour of one on the new L’Oreal Paris Collagen Micro-Vibration Eye, €21.99.

Yep, should this one go off in your handbag at a wedding you'll have a bit of explaining to do because it's got a vibro-action that's designed to help take down puffiness and eye bags thanks to 130 micro-vibrations per second. Those little tremors encourage under-eye drainage, say the brand, and they also stimulate circulation.

There are also claims for anti-wrinkle and anti-dark circle properties. In general, I definitely take dark circle claims with a pinch of salt or 40 - deep shadows under the eyes are caused by pooling blood and tend to be genetic: creams that claim to fix them usually add light-reflecting pigments to cosmetically mask the effect as opposed to curing the problem. But in this case the massage from the vibrating tip might help move things along alright - it'll be interesting to see how this performs under test.


If you're keen, Collagen Micro-Vibration Eye is exclusive to Boots stores from May 10th, going nationwide six weeks after that.

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