Gorgeous Palettes for Sisters and Bessie Mates

palettes for christmas

Take a look at this tempting trio, eh? This seasons palettes are fab and also really good value, and I'm betting any sister or best mate would love to unwrap one of these three.

  1. Rimmel's Christmas Palette is packed full of lip, eye and cheek shades, and is a mere €11.95
  2. World Domination Tour is the name of this boyo, and it's from Too Faced. €35 bags you more makeup you can shake a stick at, and the colours are great too. Plus, in the grand fashion of jewellery boxes, it plays a tune when you lift the lid
  3. Benefit always come up trumps for cute little offerings and this one, Primpcess, is no different. It's all you'll need for sexy eyes, and if you buy it in the shops, you'll splurge €35, if you buy online, it'll cost about €27.

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