Could these hair styles be making you look older?

Appearance for a lot of women is incredibly important. A lot of women even fear the ageing process.

We believe in embracing the ageing process and feel women can look and feel incredible at any age. But, if you want to avoid looking or feeling older than you are, you should think carefully about your choice of hair cuts. Some hair cuts could potentially be ageing you without you even realising.

A fringe.

As we age, wrinkles begin to naturally appear. Some women worry about wrinkles on their forehead and opt for a heavy fringe to cover them but this can actually be quite harsh on the face and make you appear older as a result. If you are thinking of a fringe try some light bits to begin with that compliment your face instead of overpowering it.

Straight and flat

As we mature, our hair starts to lose its volume. It may even lose its thickness. It can start to look a little lifeless and dull. Using volumising products when drying it will add a little volume and will make all the difference to your look.


Too dark

When the greys start to come through, dying your hair a dark shade is a great way to cover them up. But it is not a great colour for ageing skin. It can leave you looking a little washed out and actually age you more. You should stick to lighter colours or at least as close to your natural colour as possible.

Keeping it long

Another style many women hang onto is length. They fear that cutting their hair up short may leave them looking and feeling older. The reality is, for most women it is empowering. A shorter look compliments an older face and once you get the right shape of cut for your face you will feel as fabulous as you look, trust us.


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