Is this why your hair doesn't look its best after washing?

Your hair is supposed to look its best after washing. So why isn't it?

You've geared yourself up to shed all of your clothing, released your two-day pony and got in that shower to wash your hair. You go through the usual motions; you even shave the clump of hair on your foot that you always miss. You're sure of it, this time your hair will look good when it's dried. I mean, that's what's supposed to happen when you wash it, isn't it? Isn't it?

It's the worst disappointment when it's not. I shower daily, of course, but hair washing showers are a chore and a necessary inconvenience, especially in winter. You expect that when you go through all that effort, your hair should be shiny and, well, good looking FFS. So why doesn't it?

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Hair that doesn't look especially clean after washing can be caused by a good few reasons. A couple of years back, I went through an almost traumatising phase when I couldn't do anything to make my hair look clean. I went as far as washing it with Fairy Liquid to strip it completely of product and oils. It worked. But not permanently. And it damaged my hair. It turns out the reason was internal, nothing to do with my actual hair or scalp at all, and it sorted itself out after, oh, about six whole months. So if you're experiencing something similar, you might want to see a doctor.

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Reasons and solutions

There could be a simpler reason and an easier solution, though. You may have a build up of product, it could be because your shampoo doesn't work as hard in the cleansing department. Many people are moving away from traditional shampoos and switching to more natural ingredients. But if your shampoo is sulfate-free, it doesn't create quite the same lather and satisfying 'clean' result. Another shampoo-based reason is that the one you are using doesn't suit your scalp or hair type. If that's the case, do some research and choose a shampoo specific to your hair needs.

But, in general, the reason why you're hair isn't looking as fresh as it should after a wash is that you're missing an important step: the second cleanse. Lather, rinse, repeat isn't just the refrain of a Phoebe Buffay song; it's a haircare rule to follow.

The double hair cleanse is like your face cleanse. The first is to get rid of the surface 'dirt' and the second is to make sure it's really clean. It helps hair last longer in between washes, too, because it takes longer for the oil to return and grease it up. Double cleansing can lead to dryness, though, so make sure you use a moisturising conditioner but only at the ends.

If your hair washing technique wasn't working, this could be why! If you change it up, let us know how you get on.

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