Hair SOS - intensive conditioning

It's been years of torture. Searing heat, sizzling hot irons, the harshest chemicals known to man cheerfully applied week after week after week. It's been lightened, then darkened, then highlighted, and sure why not throw in a few lowlights too while we're at it.

On a scale of Worzel Gummage versus Jennifer Aniston I was very definitely on the straw side. Panic stricken, I began my research for Best Haircare Products for Very Dry Hair. Here's what I Highly Recommend.

Phyto Huile D'Ailes Intense hydrating oil treatment
This stuff is fantastic. It smells gorgeous, full of essential oils, rosemary, sage, lemon and juniper. It comes in individual glass vials that you break open and decant into the atomiser provided. You spray it onto dry hair and leave it to soak in for about 30 minutes (or overnight). Then just shampoo it out. Be careful with the spraying part though, the first time I did it I missed my hair and sprayed the wall instead. Doh.

Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense
My favourite. A gorgeous rich, creamy hair masque with "intense enriching treatment for very dry hair." The instructions tell you to put on 1-2 dabs and leave it on for 5-10 minutes. Nah, I thought, that sounds useless. Instead I slathered it on, wrapped my hair in clingfilm and went to bed. The next morning I rinsed it out and my hair was soft again. Result!

Dr Hauschka Neem Oil
I can't say enough good things about Dr Hauschka and his neem oil, Nails, skin, hair, they all drink it in and emerge revitalised. Try it - you'll be converted. A word of warning though: I've found that the hair oil does seem to fade my coloured hair, so now I only use the oil just before I'm getting it coloured anyway.

Also good ... Bumble and Bumble Super Rich conditioner
While I wouldn't put this in the same category as the first three, it is an excellent moisturising conditioner to use after every shampoo.

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