A harsh split can be a seriously glam look for your hair

A harsh split in your hair has to be one of the most glamorous hairstyles. It's a brave look to wear but looks really elegant.

A sleek ponytail is a classic beautiful look to wear that never fails to look elegant. I'm not talking about hair tied back quickly in a bobbin. I'm talking about a slick ponytail. Where every hair is scraped back and tied. The tie is important too. It needs to be tidy and unseen if possible. To achieve the perfect pony, you usually need product for ultimate sleekness. A ponytail with a harsh split is a brave way to wear your pony but it's worth it for the glamorous effect.

harsh split

Kim Kardashian is the queen of the centre-split parting. It's true she has a perfect oval-shaped face and flawless complexion to pull it off. What we can take from Kim is the importance of sleekness. She has not a hair out of place and that's imperative to pulling off this look.


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Laura Anderson shows us how to wear the harsh split to the side. It makes the look a tiny bit softer. This style will work better for you if you don't have a perfectly symmetrical face.


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Cheryl is another fan of this look. Again she has a well shaped face for the look. However, even if you have a round face and you think you could never pull it off, we bet you could. The secret to making the look work for you is flawless makeup and perfectly groomed hair. In other words -  if you want to wear the look go all out and go to the professionals. Get your makeup done and have a stylist perfect this pony for you. It's guaranteed to be one of the most glamorous looks you ever wear.


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Have you ever worn this style of pony tail before?

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