Have You SEEN the Size of Primark in Madrid?

This Primark in Madrid's Gran Via opened a few weeks back and there are still queues around the block EVERY DAY.

To put things into perspective regarding the size of the establishment, the Primark doesn't just take up a couple of those floors. It takes up all the floors.

Once you manage to get inside, you then have to queue for everything else you can think of, like the changing rooms, the tills and so on.


Despite this, it has become the THE place to be seen.

If you fancy a tour without the queues, here you go. Now all you have to do is spot what you like, then walk straight into your local Pennys and pick it off the shelf. And then queue for the tills.


Have you ever visited a Primark overseas? Was it akin to the second coming, or just like a trip to yer average Penneys - only with more people?

And make sure to check out our exclusive look at the Boston store where found some pretty interesting differences between our stores and the Bostonian equivalent.

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