How to avoid heat damage when styling hair

Heat damage to our hair is something most of us with battle with. Here are some simple ways to avoid frazzled tips and frizzy ends.

Heat damage is a common problem for hair, especially during winter. It's cold and dreary out there in the morning and no one wants to catch a cold because they had damp hair on the commute into work. So we pull out the hairdryers, straighteners and heat styling tools. After all, there are only a lucky few who can get away with letting their hair dry naturally.

There's nothing wrong with heat styling your hair in essence, but it does require a little extra maintenance. Otherwise, heat damage can take hold quite quickly. Before you know it, you're battling frizzy, fried tips and split ends. So here are some simple ways to avoid that happening, while still enjoying the benefits of using your curling tongs or straighteners.

heat damage hair

Use Heat Protector Sprays

Heat protector sprays are a must for anyone who is a fan of heat styling tools. They come in different forms to suit different hair types but the idea behind them is the same. And that is, to protect our delicate hair from becoming dry and damaged. The majority also help to give a sleeker finish and added shine too.


Use a Lower Heat Setting

When you're in a rush in the morning, it's tempting to go for the highest heat setting to get the job done quickly. But remember that the higher the heat, the more likely it is to damage your hair. Where possible, use a lower heat setting to help to minimise the impact on hair and keep it looking and feeling healthy.

Leave-In Conditioner

Spray leave-in conditioners (such as Joico Moisture Recovery) are an easy way to battle moisture zapping heat styling. They're lightweight and can give hair an added boost of hydration. Plus, you can target the most vulnerable parts of your hair such as the lengths and ends. Alternatively, you can treat your hair once or twice a week to a leave-in oil treatment to help boost shine and rehydrate hair too.

Are you a fan of heat styling? Or do you like to dry your hair naturally?

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