Here's how we're beating dry nose from a cold

Here's how we're beating a dry nose from a cold - you might be surprised what actually worked in the end.

How many of you have a cold or the flu or a virus right now? The reality is if you don't have it you're probably getting over one of them. Colds and sickness are rife at the moment and everybody is feeling miserable. It's just that time of year - there's no escaping it! One of the biggest issues with having a blasted cold, after feeling generally awful, is looking awful. You get a big red face and a dry nose from a cold. It looks all flaky and unsightly and it's practically impossible to apply makeup over. So, by trial and error, here's what we have discovered works well with the dry nose from a cold situation.

The main aesthetic issue you face when you have a cold is that the whole centre of your face has been ravaged by incessantly using tissues. The result is that the skin around your nose and the apples of your cheeks is red and aggravated. It gets extremely dry and sore, too. So dry, in fact, that the skin will start to flake off around your nose. It's a most inconvenient scenario when you need to look presentable for work every day or worse if you actually have to go somewhere.

If you love wearing makeup and you generally wear it every day, this dry nose syndrome poses a problem. Makeup actually accentuates the problem instead of covering it up. Foundation clings to every peely bit of skin and just looks orange and uneven. As the day goes on and inevitably, you use more tissues, the problem worsens. The makeup wears off in patches and it becomes a really terrible looking situation.


The solution to dry nose from a cold

For two weeks now I have tried everything and this is the best solution I have found. There is no absolute way to relieve and correct the problem. Unfortunately, it takes time for the skin to heal and no makeup can withstand 50 tissues a day. The best way to deal with the problem is to use a great organic serum with essential oils. In particular, look for one with Rosehip oil. It soothes the rough, irritated skin and helps to reduce the redness. Use it morning and night. Loads of it. Let it sink in while you sleep. In the morning, I applied my skincare in stages to allow all the hydrating products to sink in before my makeup. Stage one is serum: let it soak in for a while and then apply your usual moisturiser. Then, apply a leave-on hydrating mask to the affected area and leave it for five minutes to sink in.

After all that nourishing, repairing skincare kicks in you face the dreaded foundation situation. What worked the best, surprisingly enough, was a pure mineral powder. Not mineralised, pure minerals only. It is non-drying and because it has a powder consistency it doesn't cling to the dry bits the way a thick liquid foundation does. It works like an invisible veil to neutralize the redness and even out your skin tone without clinging.

Are you suffering from cold face?

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