Here's a look from Paris fashion week that we bet you could do at home

High fashion makeup is often not very user-friendly, but this look by Pablo Rodriguez at Paris Fashion Week is actually really wearable

Not only have we found a fashion week makeup look that is really wearable. It's also gorgeous and will suit absolutely any eye colour.

Pablo Rodriguez is a MAC artist so the products he used are from MAC Cosmetics. For this look, he has incorporated an old classic MAC eyeshadow called Jest with the Hyperreal highlighter palette. He used them to create the ultimate shimmery, golden eye makeup.


To recreate this look yourself you just need to call on your blending skills. There are three main things to concentrate on. You need to apply plenty of pigment, blend it well and cover the whole eyelid area. Bring the colour right down to the lash line, making sure to leave no gap of skin between the lash line and the eyelashes. Apply plenty of pigment, really pack it on. Then simply buff the edges really well with a long haired blending brush.


MAC Hyperreal glow palette paris fashion week

MAC Hyper Real Highlighter Glow Palette €42


MAC Jest €16.50

When you are doing a really simple eye makeup look like this it's important to get your base right. Beautiful, even skin will set it off perfectly. You need to make sure that there is no redness from your skin showing through or the eye makeup won't look as flawless.


This is such a flattering and beautiful look that pretty much anyone can recreate without spending too much time on it.

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