Here's why we love mismatched bridesmaids hairstyles

We always need hair inspiration for a big occasion. If it's for a wedding, even more so. Here's why we love mismatched bridesmaids hairstyles.

There are so many possibilities for bridesmaids styles and so many components to the finished look. Usually, we start with the dresses. You might choose the style first or the colour scheme. Then flowers, makeup and very importantly - hair. Hair can bring a whole different style to the bridal party. It can say classic elegance, or it can say relaxed boho. Hairstyles will add the the all over feel of the wedding photos. The hair and dresses will make the biggest impact on the style of the bridal party. If you want a relaxed feel to your photos you could have mismatched bridesmaids hairstyles.

mismatched bridesmaids hairstyles

'Mismatched' might sound untidy or disorganised but it can actually be really simple and beautiful. It can work no matter what theme you're going for. Different hairstyles are ideal for a relaxed boho style wedding. However, it can also work for a more formal bridal party. And hey! It saves you trying to pick one hairstyle that all of your bridesmaids agree on.

These bridesmaids show how to rock mismatched. The dresses, the hair, it all works and it still looks together and beautiful.

It works



These bridesmaids exhume classic elegance and still, the different hairstyles really work with the look.

Two bridesmaids

Two different looks that compliment eachother beautifully.


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Would you take this option and have your bridesmaids wear different hairstyles?

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