The expert trick for how to make your makeup last longer

Even if your makeup is full-coverage, it can slip off. Here's some pro advice for how to make your makeup last longer.

Often, keeping your makeup on all day long can be a struggle. Between your product choice, application and the rest, it can be a challenge we all face on a daily basis.

So, what is it that you need to know to actually keep your makeup from budging?

First things first, the power of layering product is essential. It's not about overloading your skin with the products but more about the combination of primer, foundation, powder and setting spray in light minimal layers.  The application of the product is essential; always start from the centre of the face and work your way outwards.

The tools you use are important, too so make sure use you use a brush to apply, especially if your skin is on the oily side. Less touching will result in less oil production.

Once your primer, foundation and power are on, set it all with setting spray then spray a beauty blender with the setting spray and push the products into your skin to set it all together.

Less is more with your products; it's more about the technique than the amount of product you use.


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