ASK BEAUT: Is there a magic fix for lopsided brows?

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This week’s question to our Beauty Editor is all about Brows.

Jules asks:

Hi Aisling ,
I know it sounds dopey but I just can’t sort my eyebrows out ! They’re dark sparse and lopsided ( total mares) is there any magic budget fixes out there ? I don’t have time or cash for salon visits .

Hi Jules,

Thanks so much for your question. I would love to tell you that there is a home remedy to get your brows perfect, but if they are lopsided, dark and sparse, the correction is going to be a challenge even for the best of brow specialists. The psychology behind having perfect brows is fascinating. The human eye is drawn to symmetry; we find it extremely attractive. For example, take a line and draw it straight down the centre of a beautiful celebrity's face, it would likely be almost an exact mirror image of itself. By making our own brows perfectly symmetrical, we are therefore making ourselves better looking.



My advice to you would be to start growing your brows out. It's going to be a challenge, but probably the best thing you could do. I would try and stimulate them with either coconut oil, caster oil or Regain. Consistency with using the regrowth product is crucial here as hair grows in cycles and needs to be caught at stage one of your three part hair cycle to work.  Most importantly do not tweeze even "stray" hairs; in fact, throw away your tweezers.

I understand both time and money restraints, but even of you just go to a brow specialist one to three times to get you on the right track of shape and symmetry, they can explain and show you how and where to tweeze that will work for your exact features.

I own a makeup studio in Ballsbridge where we specialise in eyebrow design. If that doesn't suit make sure you go to the right person with a great track record and credentials in brow shaping.

Failing that, here is a post I did in September in how to create perfect brows at home. I will be doing a video to go along with this very soon, so keep an eye out for it. Keep in mind the measurements should be two-thirds (body) to one-third (tail). So the tail should fit into the body twice if that makes sense to you.


In the meantime, focus on regrowing your brow hair and remember every hair counts so don't pluck even one. I know it's not a 'quick fix'  solution, but I would prefer to give you correct advice rather than false hope.


Let me know how you get on.

Are brows something you have been putting off looking after for years?

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