Homemade Beauty & Skincare: Be Honest, Now. Could You Be Bothered?


Nearly the split second that we were told we were officially into recession, it seemed that blogs and magazines and newspapers were absolutely heaving with DIY hair and skincare solutions. All the old favourites like rinsing hair with beer or applying a mayonnaise mask were trotted out ad nauseum, together with more complicated recipes for the face like pumpkin or avacado or grape or yoghurt masks, and rosewater and ground almond scrubs, and brightening masks with ingredients lists that read like an extract from a Rachel Allen book (gram flour, turmeric powder, lime juice, olive oil and milk, if you're curious).

I'm also seeing recipes for homemade make-up like lip colour and even foundation popping up (personally, knowing my own cooking limitations, I think that it's unlikely I'm going to be able to best MAC et al on that front.)

I have made and used Aphrodite's Aspirin face mask a couple of times and have even been known to rustle up a tasty body scrub using my friend Denise's walnut oil and sea salt combo when shop-bought stocks run low, but find I'm disinclined to DIY anything more involved than that. Sometimes because I couldn't be arsed or would rather channel my time in the kitchen into improving my edible culinary skillz, and often because I wouldn't routinely have quarter of the ingredients some of the recipes demand.


When it comes to make-and-do beauty, I have to ask (in best Catherine Tate/Lauren Cooper voice): could you be bovvered?

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