Quick! Your House Is On Fye-aaah: Which Five Beauty Products Do You Grab?

Q: What happens when Tom Hardy, Benedict Cumberperson, Angelina Jolie, Michael Fassbender and Rob Kearney walk into your house?

A: It gets so hot, the entire house goes on fye-yaaaah, that's what.

And while it sounds like it is going to be a great afternoon, actually you will have to leave your guests because you have important beauty business to attend to.

You know that polyester monstrosity of a debs dress that you've hidden under the bed? Well, the taffeta skirt has gone up in flames and you've only time to grab five beauty or makeup essentials from the bathroom before you will spontaneously combust (if you haven't already from the fire in your underpants when you opened the front door).

This may or may not be the local fireman on duty. (Image courtesy of Getty) This may or may not be the local fireman on duty. (Image courtesy of Reuters)

So what would YOU grab (apart from Joe Manganiello in his nice fireman's uniform)?

I'll kick it off with my favourite five that I would save from our burning beaut.ie building:

  • Pevonia Ligne Rose R52 Care Cream

I am not leaving without this cream. This brand is cruel to your pocket and kind to your face. The R52 line is designed for those with rosacea-prone skin but I use it because it is such a gentle, soothing product - my sensitive fizzog loves it.

  • Ellie Saab, Le Parfum

I might flirt with other fragrances but this is one that I will always come back to. It's a warm, honey floral scent that clings to my skin like Kate Winslet clinging to her Titanic floatation device. The lasting power of this perfume means that I think it's worth the shekels.


pevonia, ellie saab

  • Benefit's They're Real

If you are dark of hair, then you can feel smug about two things - when they sing 'Black is the Colour' during the morose singing section of an Irish wedding, they might just be referring to you, AND you have naturally dark lashes that frame your eyes. I'm fair and if I don't wear mascara, I look like an alien.

So no, Joe Mangan (I've decided to Irish-ify him a bit), I will not jump out the window until I have secured me some non-alien facial features.

  • Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer in Blonde

It's simple really, I just like products that work. And this one gets employee of the month, every month. All you need are a few light brush strokes, and the skin is covered in the finest veil of light pigment. This is my HG of bronzers - Guerlain, you rock.

ysl guerlain benefit

  • YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush

See, I'm thinking under hot pressure here - blush and lip colour in one. It's like Bold, but waaaay cooler. Which is handy given that we are in a fire situation.

Ever since we reviewed these babies (you can see that review here), N°10 Nude Insolent has never been far from my grasp. And I ain't about to let it go now.

So those are my picks! Now, if you'll excuse me, I've to go tidy the house in case any guests arrive.


Tell us, what would you choose if you were limited to just five products from your arsenal of beauty goodies? Would you grab a beloved cleanser or is there a lippie that you have for just the occasion of a fireman's lift? To the comments!

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