How to make blue eyes pop with the most flattering colour combo

These colours are the perfect choice for a smokey eye if you have blue eyes

Firstly, I'll let you in on a little colour theory. There is a way to do your eye makeup specifically to enhance your eye colour and make the colour really stand out; you need to choose complementary eyeshadow colours.

Look at the colour wheel; the colour directly opposite the colour of your iris is the most flattering colour for you. For blue eyes that colour is orange. That means that you should choose eye makeup with an orange undertone to make the blue pop. Colours like gold, reddish browns, orange or copper will all work to create this effect.

colourwheel blue eyes pop


Make your blue eyes pop in six steps:

  • Using a fluffy blending brush (like MAC #224), apply something like MAC Rule as a transition colour, underneath your eye and all over the lid and blend it well out past the socket line

  • Then take a matte brown eyeshadow and buff it into the lash line on top and underneath the eye using a small stiff eyeshadow brush like the MAC #229 (I used I chose MAC Handwritten )

  • Blend this dark brown into the orange base colour with your #224 again
  • Highlight the inner corners of your eyes and underneath your brow with a creamy coloured eyeshadow, I used Urban Decay Sin from the Naked palette €47.50

  • Use a white eyeliner pencil to line your water line. This will make the white of your eyes appear brighter adding to the overall 'pop' effect
  • Apply your favourite mascara

best eyemakeup for blue eyes

Have you tried using eyeshadows to make your own eye colour pop?


This article was originally posted on 27th February 2017.

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