Hozier Appears in American Vogue With Some Damn Slick Hair

Now that he's a certifiable megastar, what with the added addition of Billboard Awards, American Vogue have pounced on the Bray native and have done what I've wanted to do for some time... they ran their serum slicked fingers through his hair... then tackled it with some straighteners. And these are the results.

Needless to say, Hozier's unruly hair - his crown and glory - has been something of a contentious issue between him and management.

Speaking via The Herald, the singer previously said: "It's a constant battle I have with my manager and label. Every television show I do the hair 'has' to be down, apparently." That's not all; "I'd turn up for something and go, 'Hey how about I just wear this jacket?' And now I've got clothing companies just flinging clothes at me. The stress of it."


As for reaction to his new hair? Well, some reckon he's been given The Rachel...

Has he finally tamed the, eh, triangle? And if you're a curly-headed reader, what product tips would you share with your ringlet-wearing brethren and, hmm, sistren?

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