Imedeen - Ime-whaaa?

We had a post the other day about Danone's new Essensis product, a yoghurt and probiotic drink that claims to be a dermonutrition solution that will have a positive impact on the skin. You lot were sceptical, but in fact it's not necessarily a new concept.

Imedeen, a very popular (and pricey) supplement claims to do the same thing. They say that their "unique combination of natural marine fish extract, vitamin C and zinc helps to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles from the inside out", and "with regular use, Imedeen helps give the skin's surface a clearer and more radiant appearance and maintain its ability to bind moisture".

You should have glowing, soft skin after taking a course of 2 tablets per day for the recommended 12 weeks. And at about €50 for 60 tablets, I wonder would an auld microdermabrasion treatment at your nearest reputable salon not have the same visual effect?


Let us know your thoughts - have any of you tried Imedeen, and if so, what did you think?

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