This ingenious device may change self tanning forever

Trust Cocoa Brown to come up with this. Tan Queen Marissa Carter has thought of everything. The newest addition to the Cocoa Brown collection is the Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter Self Tan Back Applicator, and it may be the missing piece to your tanning routine.

Marissa says, “Women are always telling me about getting their boyfriends, husbands and best friends to tan their back or in worst cases, leaving it sans-tan! With the new Self Tan Back Applicator, you can ensure you are head to toe in Cocoa Brown Tan every time!”


Only the double-jointed and those with willing housemates, boyfriends, little sisters, etc., etc. have had the luxury of an evenly tanned back till now. We've heard of people putting a mitt on a hanger or a to the job, or to just do their best and people growing their hair long just so it would cover their streaky back. Hopefully, with this extendable applicator that's fitted with padding to ensure even distribution of self-tan tan across your back and shoulders, those days are gone.




It's available now at an affordable €7.99.

Is this the tanning device you've been waiting for?!

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