Inside the pro makeup kit: The essential beauty tool no kit should be without

The essential beauty tool you need in your kit

We think we have found the essential beauty tool to up your makeup game. When it comes to getting your make-up right, sometimes it’s the little things that can make all the difference. It could be a particular brush, the perfect stream of light from a window or a dab of concealer in just the right place. For anyone who loves using

For anyone who loves using pencils though, there’s definitely one beauty tool to rule them all. What is it you ask? Well, it’s the humble sharpener.

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Blunt eyeliner or lip liners are a pain in the backside, especially when you want to create a sharp, crisp line. They’re ok if you want a bit of a hazy or smudgy finish. But for a clean look, that tip has to be sharp. Something that annoys me is when you have a favourite pencil that you sharpen and it gets mangled to death. So, you go back and try to fix the jagged edges, only to have it happen again, and again until it’s a sad little stump looking back at you.


I’ve tried and tested lots of sharpeners over the years, with varying degrees of success – but there’s definitely one that has stood head and shoulders above the rest; the NARS Pencil Sharpener. I found it on sale in TK Maxx some time ago but it usually retails at €7. And even that isn’t exactly a king’s ransom, especially given how useful (and brilliant) it is.


It has a classic design that allows you to sharpen both thick and slim pencils, working on anything from the new, softer gel textures to traditional, firm kohl pencils. The up shot is that there is much less waste of product and no fear of your make-up getting destroyed It simply delivers a sharp tip every time.


Finally, it's worth noting that the lid actually stays on, even when it’s knocking around your make-up bag. And that means no mess, huzzah!

Do you have a favourite beauty tool to rule them all?

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