Introducing: The Accent Nail

Bit unsure about this whole nail art malarkey, don't reckon you'd have the skill to bother wrangling some Blixz into place or the patience to place a lace mani?

You might dig the stylings of the accent nail, so.

The lazy gal way to make a subtle statement, the accent nail is just that: one digit per hand is painted a different shade, texture or tone, to provide a little bit of extra interest. Me? I went for purples in the look above, and before you sneer at the bleedin' state of my hands, let me explain. I was working for Prudence mag at Xpose Live at the weekend and days of lugging boxes, hanging posters and dishing out magazines meant every nail I possessed broke right down to the quick. Ow.


So, I don't have much to work with at the moment, hence the stubbiness above. The main shade I chose for this was Estee Lauder's new Ultra Violet, which I am liking a lot. Longevity isn't great, but then, I find glitter always chips and flakes quickly  -  The effect is lovely so I'll put up with it. I initially tried a matte topcoat on one nail per hand for my accent but, eh, you couldn't actually see it, so I went for a different shade of purple instead. The accent nail is painted with Dior vernis in Silver Purple, a metallic-tinged pearl-finished cool violet.

So, what else'd look good?  Matte navy with one super-shiny nail would be a goer, I think, as would four metallic gold nails and one glitter digit.

In fact, with this, the world is your oyster: you could play with contrast, texture or if you have a Konad nail stamping kit, one nail per hand could be treated to a pattern.  Basically, the only limit is your imagination!

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