Johnny Depp turning into Bono? Scarves and purple shades seal fate

The writing's on the wall people.

The liberal clothing in cut offs from Land of Leather.

The purple shades

The fondness for scarves

The nasty stubble that cries out for a Mach 3


The immense wealth

The endless repetition of the exact same film/song

And last but not least the taking oneself FAR TOO SERIOUSLY.

Yep it's happened.  The man who broke a billion hearts when he first showed his impossibly handsome face in Crybaby has now officially turned into... Bono.

That is all.  All we need now is for Depp to buy a pad on Sorrento Terrace and avoid paying zillions in tax while bleating on about world poverty.

I can say no more.  I need to lie down in a darkened room and pull myself together.


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