Have you jumped on the hairband trend?

The increasingly popular hair band trend is one I can definitely get on board with.

It hides a multitude, gets you at least one extra day without washing your hair and adds a little something extra to any outfit.

The only one drawback is how to style them.

But fear not we have all you need to know-

Dress it up

Tara Anderson can do no wrong but she has helped this hairband trend explode with her insta pic inspiration and stories. Here she wears a hairband with her luscious locks flowing. It adds a little extra to an outfit.

She shows us just how stunning it can be with an up do too. Again adding that extra little something special to a look. Simple hair paired with a blinging hairband you can't go wrong.


Denise Kenny is another style queen. If you need style inspo look no further. Pair a hairband with a dress and boots and you are sorted for the Autumn/Winter season.

Don't feel limited to only wearing a hairband when your dressing up or going out. It looks stunning here with a bun and trainers too.



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