What Is A Konjac Sponge & How Do You Use It?

Don’t want to spend a fortune on an electronic cleansing brush? The konjac sponge might just be for you. Here’s everything you need to know about them.


What is a konjac sponge?

A konjac sponge is a gentle cleansing sponge made from the root of the konjac plant which is a porous vegetable that grows in Asia. 

They’re typically in a dome shape and are sustainable and vegan. 

Konjac sponges once wet provide a gentle cleanse and exfoliation which is good for all skin types. 

If used with a cleanser they can also help work the product deeper into the skin and provide a more thorough cleanse.

You can purchase pure konjac sponges which are white or coloured ones which contain active ingredients. 

For example, a grey or black sponge would contain charcoal, green would contain green tea, orange would contain chamomile and red would contain red clay.

Although it’s always safest to check these things before you purchase them.


How do you use them?

Konjac sponges are very easy to use many of them come ready to use in moist packaging but they’re also sold dry. 

If your sponge is dry simply leave it to soak in water for about five minutes until it expands and softens. 


Once your sponge is damp it can be used to buff in your cleanser into the skin using circular motions. 

When you’re done buffing and have rinsed off your face rinse off the product from your konjac sponge and leave it to dry by hanging it from the little string that’s attached. 

The sponge can be used both morning and night with your cleanser and to take off makeup. 

Konjac sponges should be replaced after 6-8 weeks and many of them are compostable, however, be sure to check with the brand of your sponge before doing so. 


Where can you purchase them? 

They are readily available in most health shops and you can also purchase them online from FeelUnique and LookFantastic. 




Have you ever used a konjac sponge?

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