Do You Really Need a Day Cream And Night Cream?

The world of skincare is a confusing place. Do you really need a day cream and a night cream or is it just a marketing stunt?

Skincare seems to be getting more confusing with a new 'skincare essential' added to the list every year.

It's very common among skincare lovers to have a separate moisturiser for day and night but what's the difference and is it even necessary?


What's the difference between day creams and night creams?

Day creams generally have a lighter consistency than night creams.

They act more as a protection for the skin during the day, therefore, most day creams will contain SPF.

Day creams are also better to use when applying makeup as they won't leave the skin feeling greasy and can sometimes double up as a primer.

Night creams usually have a rich consistency and never contain SPF.

The skin is said to be 'in repair mode' at night, therefore, many night creams contain ingredients such as retinoids and glycolic acid which should only be used at night as these ingredients can make your skin sensitive to the sun.



Do we need both?

Most skincare experts will tell you that you should definitely be using SPF during the day which is an important point.

Your SPF doesn't need to be in your moisturiser though as there are now lots of SPF's available specifically designed for the face.

So, if you don't like the idea of having two moisturisers you can simply just buy one and get a separate SPF to use during the day.

It's good to have a separate moisturiser for a day and night however it's not essential, so do what's best for you and your lifestyle.

Personally I find it easier to have just one moisturiser. During the day I use an SPF and at night I use a bit of oil.

My skin is still getting the same benefits of having two moisturisers and although I'm using more products it works out cheaper as day and night creams can be expensive and tend to get used up very quickly.




Do you use a different moisturiser for day and night? 

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