Krill Oil actually has no fishy aftertaste. Does the Rancid Belch factor put you off taking supplements?

My diet is not always as fantastic as it should be.  I know it's madly fashionable to be a foody now and love cooking and enjoy a "clean diet" - but I just don't.   So I would like to supplement it and I've tried to do so several times.  But one thing puts me off - and that's the effect that supplements have on me.

Fish oil repeats.  Oh boy does it repeat.  I gave up fish oil after far too many revolting swallowed burps.  It felt like a cod  had died several weeks ago and was rotting inside me.  And struggling strenuously to get back out.

I had a similarly short lived fling with garlic supplements.   They made me burp like a rubbish truck. Exhale like a part of Dublin where the residents just chuck their bin bags out onto the street.   Seriously - you know that horrible rancid smell you get when you're stuck behind a bin lorry on a narrow road and can't overtake?  And even though you close the windows and turn off the outside air the smell still permeates the whole car until you're about to be SICK.

Well this is what happens - INSIDE ME - when I take stinky supplements.  The thought of a day suppressing fish/rancid rubbish burps is too much.

Now I know some of you will say - eat oily fish instead and get your dose that way.  Actually eat garlic and get all the health benefits the way nature intended

But the thing is, I hate fish.  And I hate garlic.

Well I don't hate ALL fish - I mean I like fish from the chipper obviously because it doesn't even taste like fish.  But I'm pretty sure that the health benefits of that battered fish from Borzas is far outweighed by the litre of trans fats it's simultaneously depositing in my arteries and onto my arse.

Evening Primrose oil made me feel so sick in the mornings I ACTUALLY TOOK A PREGNANCY TEST (which was negative obviously) until I figured out that the nausea had begun when I started a course of apres breakfast EPO.  Which was not good when I was standing waiting for the bus on Westmoreland St of  a hot morning on the way to work.


I hadn't tried Krill Oil (krill are a type of prawn which are apparently rich in Omega 3s) and I read the health benefits on the back of the box and thought... hmm this might actually be quite good.  But the clincher for me was the promise that it has no fishy aftertaste.  However a lot of supplements promise this and it turns out to be damned LIES.


I cracked open the pack and swallowed a couple of capsules.  But as soon as I opened the foil to take out the tablets I could smell the fish.  And the cats went as bonkers as if I'd just opened a tin of tuna.

I thought Cosmo Cat was about to implode with excitement.  He actually had a capsule in his mouth when I took this pic and all I could think was: THE CARPET!  I had to wrestle it out of his jaws before he bit down and spat it out.

This wasn't a good sign.  So would the Krill Oil repeat? NO IT DIDN'T!  I've been taking it for four days now and I'm very pleasantly surprised.

How do you get on with supplements - do you find this repeating nightmare happens despite what the packaging promises?


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