This is the latest beauty trend to hit the highstreet

Some of you are naturally born with them and try to hide them. Others have been drawing them on because you want them. The latest trend to hit the high street in makeup is... freckles.

Remember those transfer "tattoos" you used to get as a child in the 90s? The ones where you peel off the plastic on the front and applied water to the paper, then when you pulled it off you were left with a cartoon tattoo that you couldn't remove for days? As far as I remember they would come in a chewing gum sweet that you would buy with your pocket money in the local shop.

Well, they are back. In adult form, and in the shape of stick-on freckles.

Don't believe me? Then check out this video.




These faux freckles are set to be the latest trend for Spring/Summer 2017. Which is funny because I have been doing makeup for the last 14 years, and anyone who has them naturally generally (and against my advice) wants to cover them. I find that there isn't a full coverage foundation in sight that's full enough for those with freckles.

Personally, I am a freckle lover and was always jealous of my sister who had them naturally. I, on the other hand, am freckle-less. In the sun I get the odd few, and generally, celebrate when they come out in the summer months. Now I don't have to wait until summer.

I'm a fan.

What are your thought? Gimmick or must have?



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